Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fun with old bytes

My feet are tired and my hips are, too, but they are better than when I walked them to death on Monday. Walking more makes walking easier. I need that tattooed on my brain or my callouses.

I first walked to the restaurant. 1 mile. The wind was blowing right into my face the whole walk which kept me from getting hot but made it a bit more of a walk. ljtourist arrived and we had delicious sandwiches. The new owners of the restaurant have cleaned it up considerably. There were a whole lotta people there but it didn't feel crowded at all.

Then we walked on down to the museum where the guy at the front desk remembered me! As I suspected, wandering through the place with Frank made it a much richer experience. He grew up with computers and played with them as a kid. I was 30 before I ever touched one. Makes for a different view of computer history. He was as knocked out by the place as I was so it made for a great tour.

By the time we finished walking the museum, my feet and ankles were really exhausted and there were a handful of Car2Go's outside the museum. (It's next door to Starbucks HQ and a whole lotta Starbuckians live about 2 miles away in the center of town (in the middle of techville) - they move all the Car2Go's in a herd every day.) We got one and drove to my house - an easier trot home for Frank and way nicer for my tired limbs. $5 well spent.

My house is spic and span clean and my fitness tracker is very happy. So... NICE. I did a little doll work before I left this morning but didn't get one finished. Plenty of time tomorrow. The only thing on my todo list is my swim and the rest of the day is reserved for dolls and anything else that happens.
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