Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wednesday - the gift of no traffic

Everyone is all fractious about the heavy traffic today ... except me. That everyone is leaving or coming to town on the high ways means they are NOT going to work on my bridge. It was like your basic Sunday morning today. Nice. And, I'm pretty much expecting the same for the next four days, too!

The house cleaner should be here any minute. It will be nice to have the house spiffy again.

I got my new homeowners association dues for next year today. It's more than last year but not by much. I still think it's reasonable. I usually pay the years worth in January. But this year the special assessment has cratered that spending bucket. I think, rather than chance getting into a pickle, I'll pay the first six months plus the assessment in December and then pay the second six months as soon as I accrue enough funds in that bucket again which should be March or maybe April.

Everybody, all of a sudden, wants to deliver to me. Google Express delivers from several stores and they gave me a free delivery deal for 3 months. Instacart is giving me fee delivery, too. Both deliver from Costco, Petco, and Whole Foods. Instacart also has Safeway and Cash & Carry. They offer other stores, too but those are the only ones I'd ever order from probably. (Check that, I don't need/want anything from Whole Foods.)

I did find all I need for Chex Mix in Instacart so I'll probably use that one, maybe today. Sure beats fighting the grocery store crowds.

Today's adventure is lunch and museum. ljtourist has been around some computers over the years so I thought it would be fun to go back to the Living Computer Museum and walk through it with him and get his take on all the cool stuff. There's a new Caribbean restaurant between here and the museum that we both want to try so I lured him with lunch. I'm going to walk to the restaurant and meet him there and then after lunch we'll do bits and bytes at the museum another 3 blocks down.

That's it for plans, so far. The house cleaner is now officially late. I'm not going to worry about it. If she comes, she comes if not, not.
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