Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool was busy this morning. I expected everyone to drop off until next week but, apparently, they did not get the memo. The bridge traffic was tolerable and I got home well before 9 even though I swam 10 minutes longer.

As I reflected back on yesterday's outing, I realized that while my feet and back ached from walking. Not surprising since I rarely use them constructively. But, my lungs were happy as clams which was surprising and delightful. I really wonder sometimes if I really do have COPD. Also, and more importantly, I really enjoyed the experience and, I'm pretty sure that my feet and back would be happier if they got out more.

So... I'm instigating Field Trip Mondays. Once a week, I'm going to force an outing of some kind. Even if it's just a bus up to the middle of town and a walk back, like yesterday. If something happens and Monday's not a good day for it, then Tuesday will be my backup and Wednesday will be Tuesday's backup. Regardless, at least once a week, there will be a Field Trip of some kind.

This week will have included two. Yesterday's and one tomorrow. Next week, it will be to Ballard - Fred Meyers and other stops. With parking far away so walking included.

Today, however, will be a regular day. Laundry day, as a matter of fact. And doll making.

Last Saturday, I picked up a jar of Chex Mix at the bake sale. It turns out to be PERFECT Chex Mix (and I am Perfectly Picky when it comes to Chex Mix). Sadly I got only one small jar. So I think I'm going to have to make my own. It's a PIA to do, but there's really no other way to get it just exactly like I want it. I seriously considered contacting the church that held the bake sale and offering up a massive donation for the originator's phone number but decided that was not probably a good idea. So guess I need to lay in the reqired ingredients. Maybe at next week's Fred Meyers run.

Ok, time to quit piddling and get to to work. Oh, there's last night's bear.

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