Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My tracker is exhausted

Breaking out of my rut is pretty exhausting. Or maybe it's all the walking when mostly I just sit on my ass all day. But, I'm glad I went to the museum. Mainly it reminds me how every much I love Seattle. I love the sights and sounds and smells and people. I love casually turning my head and seeing, in between tall buildings, the ferris wheel with Puget Sound behind it.

I love that we have such a huge, snooty art museum staffed with people every 10 feet who stare at you staring at stuff, either ready to pounce or just judging your staring. I just think I'm not an art museum person. The operatic music was disconcerting, the lighting was really weird, too dark then too light and the heat. HOLYmotheroffuckinggod was that place hot. I would think that all of the artwork, the dresses included, would much prefer cooler temperatures for a long life but, apparently, they like boiling fucking hot.

The dresses of the exhibit were really too far away to be able to see any detail at all and they were too high up. His notebooks and sketches were interesting but the damn guy hand wrote all his notes in French! My French is rusty enough without having to wade through European hand writing. But, the pictures were pretty. They did have some of the paper dolls he made when he was 11 and all their outfits. I loved those. I was a huge fan of paper dolls when I was a little girl.

The one outfit I could get close enough to study had a very poorly sewn zipper that just cracked me up.

That neckline is supposed to be one solid line. That jog would give Zac Posen and Heidi klum a fit and give the designer the old Auf Wiedersehen - shoddy work.

And Target didn't even have any felt.

Walking home was a bit of a pull. My feet are used to not being walked on that much. I did stop by the teriyaki place to pick up dinner. I really need to get out and walk the 'hood more often. Stores and restaurants have closed and re-opened as something else without even telling me.

I have more walking to do on Wednesday - about the same distance but in the opposite direction. I have tomorrow to rest up.

I came home and made a doll.

My new neighbors found their window shades, apparently, and pulled them all the way down. How the fuck am I supposed to get all judgy on their lifestyle if I can see in????

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