Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

doll, doll, doll and doll

Ok. I got a head start on the week's doll making so I can take some time off if need be. And I got the whole area tidy again. I feel adequately productive and plan to take the rest of the day off. TV, computer games, book listening, just whatever comes about.

A while back I was complaining about sandwiches for lunch. It's my go to and it's been failing me for some time. A whole sandwich is too much and a half isn't worth the trouble. Plus, I am increasingly unhappy with the kinds of sandwiches that take zero time to produce. So lunch has been an issue but the air fryer has totally fixed that.

I picked up some appetizer things at Trader Joe's - some pigs in a blanket and some cheese filled rice balls. 4 of each with a little ketchup for dipping makes the perfect lunch. Freezer to mouth is 7 minutes. Clean up is under a minute. I had french fries one day this week and there is my now go to - pot stickers. Plus, I don't think I've even scratch the surface of possibles.

Oh I just remembered I have CBS Sunday Morning recorded. Time to visit with Jane!

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