Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Well, the Living Computer Museum turned out to be a total win. It's a beautiful space. The design and craftsmanship of every corner is really amazing. The chandaliers alone, are worth the price of admission.

It used to be a small-ish couple of rooms with some old PC's and a mainframe and some other stuff.

Now it is two huge floors of amazing. The top floor is vintage computers, all working - mainframes on down. Heathkit computers. I mean they have it all. Beautifully laid out so you can see, feel, touch. You can even sit down and operate the machines. It's really something. And it's all annotated really nicely.

Then there's a room between floors that is kind of a classroom/lab for Internet of Things.

Then the first floor is a wonder. There are robots and drones and bits and pieces to work and train and play with and watch. And virtual reality and augmented reality and a full sized 3D printed car that you can sit in and drive down a simulated road or pop the bottom and let it self drive.

Again all annotated with beautiful displays and signs. Oh and a digital art room.

I bought a membership. Even if I don't get back this year (which I will - be forewarned... anyone who comes to see me from out of town will be dragged there), I wanted to support their efforts. Very Very cool.
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