Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool is usually not at all crowded on Fridays. Except for today. It was packed. Weird. Plus, my every day guy who swims from 7:00 - 7:30 like clockwork every single workday, today swam from 7:00-7:40 - WTF? People should not be able to change their like-clockwork routines on a whim. With no warning. Maybe 40 mins is the new Friday. Maybe crowded is the new Friday. Time (or at least more Fridays) will tell.

I did pop into Trader Joe's and hit traffic on the bridge and still managed to get home before 9 so win. Trader Joe's now has black and white cookies. I got some but am saving the taste test until later. They did have their pecan pies back but not the holiday chocolate toffee crunch yet. (At least I hope it's 'yet' - I've been waiting a year!)

Last night I watched episode 1 of Good Behavior starring Michele Dockery (formerly known as Lady Mary). It was really reallay good. However, due to a plot twist, epside 2+ could go either way. I've got the second one recorded just unwatched yet.

I don't think the new people in the apartment across the way have actually moved in yet. Their lights were off last night and still not on this morning. Maybe this weekend.

As I drove by the Living Computer Museum this morning, they were installing a massive, lovely neon sign. And it reminded me that I really need to go see them. They recently redid the interior. It's a mile from here and so I always think, oh, I can go any time. And never do. But, maybe today, I thought, as I swam. It would certainly be kinder to my elbow than sewing. What the heck. So I went to their website to see they are having a Grand Opening at noon today! I thin maybe I'll shoot for 11 or 11:30 so I can see the stuff and beat the crowd and still catch some of the action.

I need to update my swimming iPod Shuffle. I'm sick of some of those songs. Plus, it could probably use a charge. There will be some doll making. But, maybe only one. Also I plan to lower the sewing desk (it's on risers) so see if that helps the elbow. The risers fixed the back pain so I could be just trading one ouch for another. Or I could just fix it all. I like the latter idea better.

Time now to go hang up my suit to dry.
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