Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My elbow hurts. Well, it did. I just iced it down and it's better right now. Sometimes knitting aggravates it and that's what I was going to do next. Maybe if I hold the knitting differently... I did 3 dolls and probably should have quit at 2. I'm sure it's just everyday tennis elbow without the tennis. If I quit using it, I'm sure it will get better but everything I do uses it and aggravates it - Sewing, knitting, typing, playing computer games while I listen to my book, even sleeping. Last night, in the middle of the night, I woke up and both elbows hurt. Very weird.

But all is not gloom. My air fryer continues to delight. I think I've figured out the best temperature/time for most things. I had delicious chicken nuggets for lunch. Oddly, the least satisfying thing so far has been the breaded fried okra. It's not horrible but it's not the best. If deep fried in oil is a 10, oven baked is a 4, air fried is a 6. Skinny french fries, for instance are a 10 as are chicken nuggets and pot stickers. Eggplant is a good 8, maybe 9. I only did the calamari once and cooked it too long so I need to test that again. Maybe tonight.

Once I get the freezer cleared out a little, I'm going to Trader Joe's and work my way through their frozen fried stuff. I'm guessing there's some delicious in that bunch.

Turns out that Bed Bath and Beyond includes a prepaid return label with the stuff you get from them online. Way to one-up Amazon! Not only that, I decided to keep the stuff anyway because it was nicer than I thought it would be. So. No having to trek to the store to return and maybe spend more money. Go me.

I'm pretty sure I have new neighbors moving into one of the two apartments across the street that I can see into most easily. Both apartments have been empty since Summer but I didn't really notice because the leaves on The Tree That I Hate obscured my view.

Yep, nice young couple who just brought in their Chinese take out for an early dinner or late lunch. They are standing over the kitchen island sharing a roll of toilet paper for napkins. Ahhhh moving into a new place. May it never happen to me again! I do hope they do not figure out how to work the blinds.

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