Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday was the first day I used the car seat warmer and today is the day the Fall comforter gives way to the winter one. I woke up cold a couple of times last night. It wasn't terrible, I just needed to re- burrito myself. I never ever mind being too cold. I always always mind being too hot.

I'm wearing a cowl neck top I made out of fleece. It's like love in a shirt. Soft and warm and cozy.

Another day of just my usual. Another comfort seeing what's ahead in the day and liking what I'm seeing.

Zoey's in her manic cycle. Eating more than seems possible, running all over. I see she's swiped my mouse from the desk to the flor... again. She's been on an even keel for a long time until this week. This, too, will pass. At least I have a good supply of cat food stashed.

.... and hour later...

An entry on Reddit caught my eye and I learned that the Goodwill has a website for buying stuff that includes fabric!

And then, Twitter told me the Mariner Spring Training calendar is out. This always gives me a case of push-pull-itis. I miss watching the Mariners play and can't wait for them to start again. BUT, their starting again means hot weather ... see paragraph one above. Sigh.

And, finally, last night's bear. His pink isn't quite as excruciating as this photo implies but it's close. The color hurts but the yarn is very soft to work with.

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