Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

House cleaning literally and metaphorically

I appreciate Twitter. I keep my browser window at about 7/8ths and use the other 8th for a scrolling Twitter feed. I have a lot of people that I follow - news people, baseball people, tech people, other people.

I watched and tolerated, before the election, while everyone decried Trump, bashed Trump, laughed at Trump and kept their sarcastic going at full speed 24/7. And, now, since the election, there's even been some escalation. So much so that I'm almost defending that idiot.

That idiot has been elected fairly and squarely by our country. Intelligent criticism of what he has done is fair. Continuing the now escalated pre-election pounding of what everyone thinks he might do is really getting on my nerves. He has actually done little. And his campaign promises contradict each other too much to consider them valid. If everyone uses up all their vitriol and sarcasm now, before he's done anything, what the fuck are they going to do if/when he really fucks up???

Ok, I got off the rails there.

But, I have been going through my Twitter feed and unfollowing those who post source-less snark. It's just not helpful but is working my last nerve (see rant above). So I'm pruning mightily. And, so far, my Twitter is much more tolerable.

I have an order from Bed Bath and Beyond that is due here on Friday. It's $40 worth of stuff that I really can do without. BUT, I don't trust BBB to refund the money if I just refuse delivery. I don't want to pay return shipping. And... if I return it to a Bed Bath and Beyond store, I'll spend way more than $40. Damned if I do and damned if I don't.

I did work in another doll this afternoon:

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