Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Outsmarting myownself

Hoping the trend towards lighter traffic on the bridge would continue, I left for the pool early this morning. After my swim, I went to Safeway. So I was back on the bridge just after 9 and bam. Stop.And.Go. The whole way. Oh well. I have gotten pretty good about not getting stressed over getting trapped like that. It's way easier, like today, when the sun isn't out and it's not hot.

In fact, this morning, on the way to the pool, I turned on the seat warmer in the car. It was chilly enough. First time this winter.

I have eggs and tortillas now to see me through Thanksgiving. If I don't want to get caught in Thanksgiving grocery traffic now, I don't have to. Nice.

Yesterday I was asked about how difficult it is to make my dolls. Not difficult at all but this gave me the idea to try and document the process. So that's today's project. After I put away the groceries...
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