Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Throwback Tuesday

Google came out with a new trick today. It's PhotoScan - a way to get digital copies of your print photos without taking them out of the album or frame.

It's a fun trick. Not perfect, but kinda cool. I pulled some really old bad quality pictures off my shelf.

This is me in 1985 with my father's cousin. She lived in Offenau, (what was then) West Germany and popped over to London that Summer to see me and my Mom who were there for Wimbledon. Daddy gave Mom the trip for Christmas but at the very last minute he couldn't go. I got the greatest call at work one Monday morning "So, wanna go to London all expenses paid... on Thursday?"

My Mom with my brother's kids, both of whom are now in their 30's with kids older than they were then. Mom's pearls are cracking me up... Sure, go outside and play in the inflatable kiddy pool but don't forget your pearls!!

My parents on their wedding day with their parents in 1948. You can tell who belongs to who by their height (or lack of it) alone! The short couple are Mom's parents and the tall ones there on the left are Daddy's.

Judging from the size of the first grandchild, this photo was Summer of 1979. That's my husband (we were married for less than 2 years) on the far left. Me. My sister. My Mom. My Dad. My brother's first wife (she still signs her emails 'Uno' which cracks me up). My brother. And Alex (my Dad called him Alexander The Great but that soon became ATG. Today he's a psychologist to at risk youth in Boston and has two daughters.).

Fun little jaunt down memory lane.

Somehow I sat funny and 1/2 of my lower back is really sore. If I'm careful after my swim tomorrow, it will be fine. But right now it's annoying.

My swim friend, Barrie, who's been barred from the pool by her doctor for more than week comes back to swim tomorrow!

I did got a bear finished and a couple of dolls made so nice day. I have two chicken thighs marinating in a soy/honey sauce and some stuff (NOT the bear/doll kind) all ready for dinner. I made air fried french fries for lunch and they were just absolutely perfect. I finally think I've got the temperature/timing/oil spray exactly right.

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