Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lots o' little stuff

The homeowners meeting last night was good. All of the outraged and whiny folks were missing. We currently have an exceptional board president and an exceptional board treasurer. These two positions are so critical and we are so lucky. Both of their terms are up this year and both have agreed to serve for another 3 years. This is big. We have a very financially healthy condo association and our dues are under market value because we have such great leadership. This is also why none of the 108 units in this building stay on the market for long and sell for a pretty penny. Nice to know my investment is sound.

I also learned what's been causing all the car alarms lately (Zip cars) and what the screeching sound was last Saturday (someone hit the 911 button in the garage and no one knew how to turn it off. They do now.) And the Pumpkin Fest that the restaurant next door held and was really loud and obnoxious, raised the ire of many a resident. I thought it was annoying and was glad when it was over but chalked it up to what you get when you live in the middle of town. Apparently others considered it a health (?) threat. Sigh.

If it weren't for such great management, these kinds of things would escalate to ridiculousness. Again, grateful. Whew.

My Misfit app tracks my fitness and I'm addicted to it. I check it constantly and check myself against others and have a great streak going. And my new Pebble watch looked like it was talking to it but, turns out, it was not. It took some massive fiddling but finally, I got them to kiss and make up. I was just before chucking this Pebble and going back to my old one. But, I will say that this one is way easier to read. Especially mid swim, through goggles.

And speaking of goggles... After I bought my new phone, I got an email from Google saying that they would be sending me a voucher for one of their new VR toys. It's a clever thing that turns your phone into a virtual reality device. I would not have bought one because I don't care enough to spend the $80 on it. But, last night I got the Google email and their voucher covered the entire cost plus shipping. Now, I'm interested. Looks like it will be here before Thanksgiving!

And speaking of Thanksgiving, they put a sign at the gym that it will close at noon on Thanksgiving. It doesn't open until 8 on holidays. That's a pretty small window. BUT,I can get there at 8 and get my lane with plenty of time for my swim. And mostly really thankfully it's at least open enough for me!

My ice maker leaked last night but not critically and I'm pretty sure I know why and can prevent.

I need to get to a real grocery store. My last few grocery trips have been to Trader Joes, Cash and Carry, etc. But, I need to tip into a regular Safeway and lay in some basics. Probably won't happen today but does need to happen before Sunday.

Today will be another blissful day of sewing and doing other stuff if I want to.
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