Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dolls and dolls

My new Pebble watch did arrive. It's not as wonderful as I expected/hoped. It's not terrible and I'm not sorry I got it but I like to be thrilled by my tech :). My new (month old) phone still thrills me every time I pick it up.

I am glad I was here when it got here. Had I gone to the museum and gotten the notice it had been delivered, I would have been really torn.

I sewed and sewed. A nice day so (or sew??) far. Dinner tonight will be shredded wheat. It's what I usually have on the nights of HOA board meetings. They meet from 6-7 and it's just easiest to fix and eat and clean up and it's filling (and good) so that's the menu.

After the meeting there will be some TV and some book. I have the latest Harry Bosch. It's read by the actor that plays him in the Amazon series which is interesting.

Not a thrilling day but a pretty darned good one.

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