Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Making plans and then changing them...

Yesterday I whined about the cost of fiberfill stuffing. I ordered it anyway from Walmart. $58 total. Today I got a price watch email that Amazon has the exact stuff back with Prime. So... $40 plus $2 Amazon store card cash back. I canceled Walmart and ordered Amazon. Nice.

Plus, I did not know that Amazon was so on again/off again on this stuff. I plan to keep a closer eye. Good info.

I was planning to go to the Seattle Art Museum today to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit BUT, I just checked and, turns out, my new Pebble watch arrives today! My new Pebble was supposed to get here in September so I'm more than ready. And there needs to be play time with it.

The exhibit runs until January. So, I'm thinking maybe next Monday will be better. Yves won't care. He'll still be dead.

My swim this morning was good. I went in early and so left early, chancing traffic, and was rewarded with very little traffic at all! Next week promises the same - maybe from here to January will be easier than the Fall, traffic wise. I really really like getting home before 9 which has not been possible for the past few months. Here's hoping that changes. My arm/elbow only whined a little (and, yes, I iced it when I got home and now it feels way better).

Tonight is the condo home owners association board meeting. It should be a good one. Good, for me, equals full of condo news and lacking home owner whining. I doubt there will be many owners there at all so we can just get the good stuff.

So, since I'm not going out, guess I'll get to some doll making!
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