Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the rest of my quiet Sunday

I get the stuffing (this time I am talking about the fiberfil that goes into bears and dolls) I use in 10 pound boxes made by a company called Fairfield. Walmart used to have them for $19.00 each. One of them is nearly too big to fit into my car. I can get it in but then driving and seeing becomes a little not easy. So I generally order online. Amazon sometimes has had the same stuff for $19.00 as well.

Today, I went to order more and saw that Amazon no longer has them as a Prime item and the price has gone up. With shipping, the cheapest they offer is $36.05. Walmart raised their price as well! to $25 each. Bummer! But, they give me free shipping with $50 order so I got 2 boxes. I'm going to have to start price watching both Amazon and Walmart. I go through this stuff like crazy and catching a price break is more than handy.

Fairfield has their own website store and they sell the exact same thing - 10 pound box - for $62.99 with $10 shipping. Now, there's a major WTF for ya. Even JoAnn's only charges $43.

I made a couple of dolls and cut out bits for a bunch more. And really didn't do much more - took out trash, reloaded swim iPod Shuffle, made a bunch of pellet ice for the freezer (in case of a possible pellet ice shortage), and played gin rummy on my phone. Plus, it's just now only 4 pm. I've still got some time to piddle away yet!

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