Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The gym person designated to open up this morning was MIA. Finally about quarter after 8, the assistant to MIA arrived and figured out how to get us (and by that time there was a sizable crowd) all in. The pool was crowded but I had my lane and got a good swim in.

It wasn't exactly cut short, I was going to do extra, but I stopped when my right arm got a twinge. Lately, it's been hurting. Sometimes below the elbow, sometimes above and today, while swimming, the elbow started to feel like tennis elbow. I don't need that. I need that arm and hand. I know knitting aggravates it. I know typing doesn't help. Sewing isn't great for it. And I probably squish it in my sleep. None of this bodes well. I have been swimming with neoprine webbed gloves. That's going to stop for a while in hopes of taking some of the stress off.

Before swimming I woke up to a pretty sincere earthquake on the South island of New Zealand. It was about mid way between where my friends are and Wellington. One of the reports had damage in Wellington. So I G+'d my friend asking. It was 4 am his time but I got a fast answer that they were fine. They own a rental house in Wellington and had not heard about it yet. His parents live in Dunedin not far from where they were evacuating people from the threat of a tsunami. Hell of a way to start the week.

I'm looking at a quiet day. It's raining so the car show outdoor exhibit is rather quiet. No home games and even the football game (which draws cheering fans to the sports bars around) is not till this evening so very quiet Sunday here.
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