Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did not 'get' all of the protesting since the election. I mean you protest stuff to affect change - stop the war, respect for blacks, etc. The election is done. There is no change possible for 4, probably 8 years. By that time all of the protesters' passion will have long been spent. So what's the point?

I'm beginning to see the point. It was/is cathartic and at least something that people can do instead of just sitting around moaning. But, more importantly, it seems to be leading towards what we used to call community organizational activism. The protesters seem to be slowly forming plans and actions and maybe, just maybe the passion will last. Maybe economies of scale will keep it going and turn it into something that will, in fact, garner change. Really interesting.

And kind of amusing to muse on Trump's legacy possibly being that of creating a force to ensure his campaign promises never come true. A lot of fun plot twists there.

I had a nice swim this morning and then took myself to brunch. And then to the fancy Thriftway near the restaurant. I had toyed with the idea of also going to a bazaar/bake sale near there but decided to go to the grocery store instead and because I had frozen stuff, I didn't want to make another stop. My twitter feed is showing pictures of the bazaar and I'm glad I didn't go. It looks like I would have bought Stuff I Do Not Need. Just as well.

The mystery Fed Ex package was delivered... to Miami. Then I remembered that someone (likely another Susan Dennis) used my email address when buying something off a website last week. I guess he or she now has the purchase in hand. I hope they use their own email address next time.

Today there will be doll sewing. I thought of some new hair things to try while I was swimming this morning. Sometime this weekend I want to watch the movie Money Monster. That may happen today. I bought an eggplant to try in my fryer. I really wanted those cute little Japanese ones but all they had were the ginormous regular ones. Probably will work fine.

Maybe I'll do a load of laundry while I sew... the thrills just keep acomin'
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