Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Drawing smiles

I literally just drew smiles on a few dozen doll faces. It made me smile.

I wish I could pass it on. While I understand how and why so many are bummed, I'm really now getting a little weary of the blaming and the bashing and the fear mongering. The man has actually done very little so far. Based on what how often he contradicted himself in the campaign, we honestly have zero idea what he's going to do as president. Plus, like all presidents, what he wants to do and what he's able two do are two entirely different buckets.

I was personally horrified when he was nominated if only because I could not stand the idea of having to look at and hear him through the campaign. Now I've got 4 years of it. And, probably 8 unless he gets tired of the job and quits at 4. He might very well be the last president of my lifetime and I'm sure not happy about that.

I'm sure, like all presidents - even Obama who I thought was the greatest - he's going to disappoint me and maybe often and maybe horribly. And when he does I may well bitch, moan and blame so I need to pace myself.

Yes, it's horrible.

But, my wallowing in despair ain't going to fix it. So I'm drawing smiles on faces and making Christmas dolls. I really don't like doing dolls tied to one time of the year and I donated a lot of Halloween fabric to Goodwill but my last fabric bundle had this one Christmas fabric with enough for two dolls so what the heck.

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