Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On most days, if I think about it, I am so relieved that I do not have anything to do with Facebook. Today, I've been thinking that all day. I keep reading - people whining and complaining about all the whining and complaining on Facebook. Today is hard enough as it is. I'm grateful to not be mired in Facebook shit as well.

I made a couple of dolls and did some reorg of my sewing closet. The reorg makes me feel productive and smart. The dolls just make me happy.

Then I saw these dogs. They are the cutest ever. I've been following their instagram for a while but today, they really hit the bulls eye.

And my house is clean. And Hunter (next door) brought me 'virgin' cookies that are delicious! Oatmeal with butterscotch chips and they are perfectly done. He's whacko but some of his bakes are just spectacular and I'm lucky that he shares.

Oh and just now I got another neighbor gift. A woman I have noticed before (because she has very amazingly beautiful black ringlet hair) was coming in with her coffee and joined me in the elevator. I came in behind her to the lobby. She had on a beautiful coat - light weight with gorgeous and unusual lines. While we were waiting for the elevator I complimented her on the coat noting that I was so impressed with the cut. She said that's why she bought it. She got it at COS. I explained that as someone who sews, I'm constantly fascinated by how clothes are constructed. She asked me if I had seen the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum and I told her I hadn't. Then she left a museum free pass in my door with the nicest note!

I'm quite jazzed about it. Plus, I just looked on their website and a senior ticket to this show is $24! The website is a little vague about how to use this ticket. I think maybe I'll just show up at their door with it and see what happens. Maybe Monday. Their website says Mondays are good non-crowd times.

I'm thinking of trying popcorn chicken for dinner - chicken nuggets, if you will :) Air fried, of course.

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