Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night I watched an episode of The Crown. It's the one where King George dies. They show the very distraught Princess Margaret galloping fiercely across the moor on her horse like she was trying to outrun the horrible news. I thought at the time 'well, that's certainly cinematic'.

But, it was exactly the feeling I had when I shoved off from the pool side first thing this morning. It really felt good to be submerged and moving as fast as I could.

I'm so very sad that I will likely not live long enough to see a woman president. And I'm really embarrassed as citizen of this country. It will be different and I refuse to believe it will be as bad as it looks from where we sit today. And I remain so eternally grateful to the Obamas for eight marvelous years and for setting the example of how it should be done.

On the really horrible news front, I got home from the pool today to find no ice in my new icemaker!! It was on just just dripping water. They don't even have support set up yet. I fiddled with it and rebooted it and and waited. Just before I started this entry, I heard the first pellet drop. WHEW! It's now cranking out new ice. I think maybe I don't have it in ice making mode often enough (there's an app, of course, for scheduling). I did figure out that it does not need as much water as I first thought so I can move it away from the sink which will be nice.

The house cleaner is coming today which will be nice. It's just before really needing her which is kind of a little victory. I think once she gets here and gets going, I'll head on out to Costco. Toilet paper, paper towels and butter. Oh and cupcakes if they have vanilla ones with vanilla icing. And then home to sew.

Here's a bear I finished last night.

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