Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'll start with a correction. All those semis were not the Monday Night Football crew. They, apparently, snuck away in the middle of the night. The semis are for the auto show which starts Thursday and is a PIA of unloading. And will be again when the show is over (Sunday?). But, what evs.

I discovered this when I made a run to the grocery stores for fryables. I had some frozen breaded okra in the freezer and I used those to test out the new fryer at lunch. WIN!! I tried them naked for 12 minutes. I think they need a splash/spray of oil and maybe 10 minutes. But, the concept is solid. And easy. And... really most importantly in my case... NOT smelly! I love fried foods. I hate the smell of food frying. Plus, I have no outside vent in my kitchen so the smell makes itself at home and stays for days.

I went to the Cash and Carry, which is where delis and small cafes shop for groceries. And I got more breaded okra, some breaded calamari and some frozen potstickers. Then on to Grocery Outlet which is nearly next door where I got frozen fries and popcorn chicken. I'm going to run this thing through its paces!

The gynormous box turned out to house not only the fryer which is big but not nearly as big as I thought PLUS six large boxes of Klenex. I was relieved. It is nicely purple (it looks blue here because the cabinet under mount lights are blue) and does fit under the counter. So I think the toaster oven is safe for now. (And the nugget ice maker has a permanent spot. I love it!

This is the exact one I got. I'm not at all sure it's the best OR that it even matters. I couldn't find any reviews/comparisons with any really strong recommendations.

I did get a couple of dolls done but it got hot back in the sewing room because it's hot out today! WTF? Sun and hot? Somebody's pulling a fast one and it's not at all amusing. At least now that I've given up TV news I don't have to watch the local TV twinkies squeal about what a beautiful day it was.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day and I think I'm going to take at least some of that time to make a Costco run. My toilet paper stash is getting perilously low.

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