Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fryin' the air

Amazon has a new thing where they love to deliver during the hour and a half/two hours I'm at the pool. (Meaning before 9:30am) The whole rest of the day, I'm here - or at the very least by my phone to buz them in the door. But, lately, when I get out of the pool, my phone says I missed a call from the Front Door which is, of course, Amazon. So far, they've managed to find a way into the building so they can leave the package so no biggie. But, weird.

Today my new air fryer was waiting for me in a gynormous box. I haven't unpacked it yet but I'm worried about how big it's going to be. All these things - the ice maker, the air fryer - look so nice and small in the pictures :)

Monday Night Football does not travel cheap. The stadium parking lot is full of semi trailer trucks all loaded up and ready to head out to where ever next Monday night's game. What an operation. Wow.

There are no clouds today at least not so far. They sun was blinding in the pool today. I really need to find me some sunglass type goggles.

I think I'll go unpack that fryer. It's not getting any smaller. But, my kitchen counter seems to be. The toaster oven may have to retire.
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