Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No self control and no counter space

I hate a clutter kitchen counter. Today's ice maker takes up way too much room. So, how do I deal with that? By buying Yet Another gynormous kitchen counter space hog. I've wanted an air fryer for a while and had my eye on a particular one that, today, got another price reduction and I bit. I may not keep it. But, knowing me, I probably will. Sigh.

So far the nugget ice is a win. My tumbler of ice water has been easily full of ice water all day. Nice. I have a bag full of icing stuff in my freezer. Bands to ice down arm, wrist, hand, back, etc. It's quite the pitiful collection. I just realized I can now take that stuff out of the freezer and get that whole drawer back. If I need emergency icing, I can just fill a bag with these nuggets! Nice. And, probably I can remove the bin that holds the cubes, and use that shelf, too. It's like getting a new half freezer!

My next door neighbor dropped by today. Not the whacko baker but his landlord - the guy who owns the unit. Noel moved to Arizona about 8 years ago and started renting out his unit. At the time, I thought it was a silly idea but, of course, now has turned out to be pretty brilliant. He's been collecting rent consistently and the unit has gone up in value about 30%. It was fun to see him and nice of him to stop by. He was in town for the football game.

My hair is at that stage, length wise, where it either looks the best it ever has OR it looks like I've totally forgotten where my hair cutter's shop is.I just went into the bathroom to pee and caught a glimpse of me in the mirror and discovered that today is a shockingly good hair day.

Two new dolls today:

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