Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Save The Fingers Foundation

A couple of weeks ago, I snipped the skin on my middle finger. It bled a lot and took several days to heal (swimming probably didn't help it heal faster). About a week later, I did the exact same thing to the index finger next to it. It finally healed mid week last week. Today I did the same damn thing to that index finger about an 8th of an inch below last week's snip.

WTF?? I've been wielding scissors since I was little. I've been using them in sewing for about 60 years. I have been making these same little cuts on dolls for a year. Why the fuck can I now not avoid the skin on my fingers?????? I have these extra long band aids which really work well on fingers because they don't cover the knuckle and do wrap around twice to stay on nicely. I bought a lifetime supply when I first found them. Now I'm down to the last few.

dumb dumb dumb

But, I did manage to make some dolls without getting them bloody. The new felt (seen in the blue haired one) works great - especially when cutting out glasses. This is cool because it comes in lots of great colors and is cheap.

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