Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Doin' Stuff

Nice day. I made a batch of stuffing and froze it in individual portions. I can't always get my preferred stuffing mix but this time of year, it's everywhere so I cashed in. A little celery, a little onion, a lot of butter and some chicken broth. Yum. In fact, I've got a nice, fat chicken thigh sitting atop one of the servings ready to be baked for dinner tonight.

Then I baked two giant potatoes and scooped them out and mixed them with butter, chopped green onions and sour cream. I cut the shells in 2 so now I have 8 servings of twice baked potatoes in the freezer!

I really find cooking pretty tedious but once in a while making a bunch of do ahead stuff, feels very productive.

And I finished a bear.

And made a doll.

Also my Etsy order for more doll fabric came in (really really quickly) and it's fabulous. 10 quarter yards - all fun kid fabric - $10. I started to order 2 bundles the first time but thought I'd better check it out first. It totally checks out and that's an amazing price. So I just ordered two more bundles.

I have 2 manual clocks that if I don't 'fall back' before I got to bed tonight, will drive me nuts tomorrow for sure. I just hope the person in charge of opening up the gym in the morning, remembers.
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