Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All alone....

I keep all the dolls and bears sitting on the living room furniture all month. Their little smiley faces smile at me all day long. Except... on delivery day... I got nuthin. Well, I got a semi-headed bear but he's not smiling yet.

The delivery is rather messy these days. They are building a giant building right next to where Jeannie does her Baby Bank stuff and there is no parking. I have to pull in and block at least one car/truck or more and call her and she comes down a very slow elevator while one of the blocked people wants out... it's just generally a bit of a stress.

But, lately, when I pull up, she's coming out of the elevator to meet me. Today she was standing, waiting right where I pull in! It makes it all so much easier and faster. I'm so grateful to her already for giving all my stuff good homes and now for taking the stress out of it. I don't know what I'd do without her.

I'm just past the middle of John Grisham's latest - The Whistler. I listen to it just before I go to sleep every night. Last night I dreamed that the detectives and I were at a beautiful swimming pool but I could not swim in it until I taught them all how to knit. Talk about stress.

After my swim this morning, I stopped in the new pie shop. I got a tart for dessert tonight, I breakfast pastie and a slice of quiche for lunch. They had a pretty good selection of stuff at 8:30 am but I'll bet it's way better further on into the day. I'm a big fan of pie.

My replacement iPod Shuffle is being delivered right now (just saw the mail carrier at the front door). Yeah for having a fully functional music device for swimming. Boo for having to fuck with iTunes to get it set up.

There will be at least one doll made today. I need someone to be sitting in that purple chair across from me! But, other than that, nothing hot on the agenda. Just a regular, normal day.
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