Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gout better but...

This morning I felt weird ignored it but then, while sewing away, all of a sudden I was exhausted. Not sleepy, but just so tired. So I laid down on the bed which felt luxurious and then slept for an hour. I hate napping. I resent the time and I don't like groggy when I wake up. But today's nap just fixed everything. I woke up totally refreshed and feeling fine. My gout is even better and I forgot to take the mid-day pill for it. Wild. and Weird.

I went back to sewing. I have an el-cheapo Amazon Fire tablet that I watch and listen to podcasts and occasionally TV on next to my sewing machine. Because the speaker's crap, I use a portable bluetooth speaker with it. Well, today the speaker started crapping out. This is a good speaker but it's old. I have an Amazon Basic speaker somewhere but couldn't find it. In the hunt, however, I found a different blue tooth speaker and set it up. It's MUCH better than the broken one ever was. I'm so delighted that I'm not even embarrassed that I have so many bluetooth speakers around that I cannot even keep up with them. Well, ok, a little embarrassed.

I got my welcome package today from my new insurance and I'm impressed. My old insurance last year sent me a welcome package that was at least 3 pounds of paper. It was for a medicare policy. Who the fuck on medicare is going to live long enough to read all that shit??????

Humana sent me a one page letter with my new card attached and a very attractive 12 page booklet that answered all my questions perfectly adequately. I hope their insurance works fine because I really like them so far. Oh and one of my biggest peeves about last year's insurance was NO online anything. They did not even have an email address or online contact form. Humana has a very nice online account system. I was able to get my account all set up and ready for when the insurance kicks in come January.

I was trying to figure out if I should get my hair cut this week or just grow it out some. It looks nice now so I hate to cut it but it's getting kind of raggity in spots. I decided to decide later and then, just now, I got an email for a free cut on Nov 30! I signed up a long time ago to be a hair model for my shop's training classes. I've gotten several free hair cuts and a couple of free colorings out of the deal. I never know when I'm going to be asked so it's not something I can plan for. Usually it's very last minute but this woman is on top of it (impressive). By November 30, I'll look like Sasquatch. Ha!

I finished up two dolls and now, I need to line them up for photos and then pack them all in their travel bags.

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