Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Birthday, Daddy

I was listening to a podcast of late 20 somethings talking to each other and they all agreed that when adult people call their father 'Daddy' it sounds creepy to them. Hope none of them are reading this!

Today is my Daddy's birthday. He would have been older than god had he not died in 1999 at the age of 75. He had had what my mother believed was more complicated than necessary heart surgery a year earlier. He had a simple valve replacement but he had to have the best so they flew from South Carolina (which has exemplary cardiac surgeons) to MD Anderson in Houston. He had complications from the anesthetic and ended up being intubated for several weeks while Mom cooled her heels at his bedside. He had a long recovery before he could travel but finally made it home. He totally lost what had been an exceptional speaking and singing voice which drove him nuts.

He was working hard, a year later, with a speech therapist and getting healthier when he had a heart attack. He was conscience that night and the next day in the hospital asking Mom to bring him some TicTacs - the green ones - light green, dark green. Mom said that became her definition of WTF?? He never even liked TicTacs. Then he slipped into a coma and a few days later she let him go.

I was not the best daughter he could have asked for but I think he was proud of me and would be still if he knew me now. He love chocolate covered cherries. Happy birthday, Daddy.

I got some good sewing done today. Tomorrow is probably my last sewing/knitting day before this month's delivery. And then we will start a whole new batch. The lady at the Baby Bank has to be there to accept the delivery and I'm waiting now for a "Friday's fine" email.

Still time before the game... I should do something productive... back to the internet!

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