Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Housekeeping of the journal kind

So... Live Journal added hearts and it led me to looking at the new style again and then finding out how to flip back and forth which gave me the leisure to look at the new style more closely and play with it and, dang it, I think I'm going to keep it. I still hate reading my friends list in that narrow column format but I can deal. Plus, I kinda like the heart thing. I don't know how it works or doesn't work on Facebook, but it's kind of handy on Twitter and I see it's being handy here.

BUT mainly, I love Live Journal and I want it to live forever and the fact that they are adding function gives me hope that at least they are not switching off the lights just yet.

The traffic this morning was really worse than I have ever seen it. My swim buddy, Barrie, doesn't even have to go near the bridge. With no traffic, she's probably a 4-5 minute drive to the gym. I got a note from her saying that after sitting at one intersection for 15 minutes, she turned around and went home. There was a stalled car on the bridge and rain and wind and Wednesday is the peak day... it was just a perfect storm of get the fuck off the roads. But, I didn't and had a great swim.

I bought some new fabric today. My current stash is now pretty much all Goodwill stuff which is great and pretty but muted and mostly not kid and not high contrast. So I went to Etsy and found a nice bundle of 10 random, mostly cartoon, fabrics for $14. I bought.

My pellet ice machine that I backed on Indegogo more than 18 months ago is on its way! I got a note from FedEx that a package is coming on Monday. They said they were shipping out to the first 1,200 this week (I was 486) and the weight is right. So silly of them not to send out tracking numbers and milk their customer support with nice We've Shipped!! emails but, what ev. I'll be glad to get it.

Today will be sewing as usual. And then, at 5, the World Series. Yeah, I haven't cared but I have watched the games in spite of myself. And now, we have two loser teams - teams that haven't won a World Series in bascillion years - playing the best out of 7 seventh game. The teams have different strengths and weaknesses. The fan bases are different and strong. High drama even before the first pitch. So yeah, TiVo's been alerted to the evening's activities.

Zoey just finished her breakfast and wandered back to the sewing room. Guess I'll just follow her!
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