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I clicked over to the LJ New Style (which is what like 4 years old now) to see this heart thing in action and decided, since there does not seem to be any way to see who hearts you, that I don't care and now I can't get back to my old LJ style. I know, I know, I know... I should embrace the new but I don't wanna. You used to be able to click on the little cloud icon which is now nowhere to be found.

EDIT: 1. slinkslowdown showed me how to flip to old style any time I want (Under your LJ name pick settings and then pick the display tab and scroll to the bottom - there's a checkbox!!) AND 2. badrobot68 then figured out you can hover over the heart and see who hearted you. So now I love the new feature that requires the new style but I also know how to go back if I want. NICE...!

This morning I was swimming along by myself when regular joined me in the next lane. She started about 25 minutes after I did. I know she swims 20 minutes (she works out first) so I knew when she got out, I'd have 15 minutes left and I just dissolved into the water and my head. I planned errands and then cancelled them, I planned dinner and changed my mind, I listened to the music and remembered what it reminded me of - road trips with my family when we were little in the station wagon singing out heads off.

After a while my arms started to tire and more people started swimming and my buddy didn't leave. And I looked at the clock and I had been swimming for an hour and 5 minutes! I did a couple more laps and then left and she was still going. She and I will need to have a little chat about changing routines without notice.

My little Misfit buddy from the east coast will get a surprise when he checks his app at lunch.

I did decide that no errands need to be done today except getting gas which I did on the way home from the pool so... done! I am about 3 days away from a wet cat food emergency, however. She has plenty of dry, so not a real emergency but try telling her that.

I may dip out to Grocery Outlet. I saw they had some of her favorite Meow Mix cups when I was in there the other day.

Regardless, there will be sewing for sure.
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