Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit sit

She sat!!! Zoey loves school. The classroom so far has been the kitchen counter. I get some treats and she gets ready. Today's lesson was sit. I had to manhandle her ass down the first 3 times but on time 4 she sat!! We'll see if that was an accident or not in the next school session which may be later tonight. Depends on how hard she begs.  After sit will come high 5.

I got new fabric for doll faces today.  Here's zoey testing it out for catability.

This entry has been interrupted a dozen times by this and that and once, when I was passing by, You Know Who ran to the kitchen counter meowing School School School! So I got one treat and would not give it to her until she sat. She sat and got the treat and was only mildly disappointed that it was only a little mini school session.

I got my official government documents saying my condo is mine with no mortgage holder any more. Sweet. I will say that Citibank did a pretty stand up job of closing me out with very little bruhaha. Nice.

No baseball tonight but lots of TV options. Chili for dinner if I'm starving, shredded wheat if I am not. I'll decide later. Two dolls completed....

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