Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I may have the Jetsons over for lunch

Last week Amazon announced that the Echo now works with Harmony. I have an Echo. I have a Harmony remote control for my TV/stuff. But, it looked like my Harmony was too old to play. So last night I decided I really wanted that function and I'd just a new Harmony. $100 more or less.

Before I pulled that trigger, I decided to do some research. I found one source that said my Harmony would work. After MUCH digging around I discovered that my Harmony was a whole version behind and regular syncing wasn't fixing it. I got out the backhoe and did even more digging and finally found the needed firmware upgrade and BAM! They got to talking to each other!

Now Alexa can turn my TV on and off and get to Roku and Front Door TV Network. It's amazing and so much fun. I cannot wait until my house cleaner comes next week. She loves Alexa and talks to it all the time. Last time, I had gone down to the car to get something and when I came back, she was in deep conversation with the Echo. It cracked me up.

But, turning on and off the TV by voice is huge. I love it. I made a video. She actually stumbled getting to Roku but I left it in.

And I saved $100!

Today's drive to the pool was kind of messy - dark and rainy. When I got ready to leave, my phone said I could count on an extra 30 minutes of traffic. So I just took a deep breath, found a good podcast and headed home. It was only 25 minutes extra. While I was sitting on the bridge, I finally was able to figure out why this one knob keeps popping off. It's got a crack in it. So I'll fix that today and hope it quits popping off.

This rain and wind is finally denuding The Tree That I Hate. I am finally able to see into the three closest apartments and I figured out they are all three now empty. Actually there seems to be a lot of empty apartments in that building now.

Nothing big planned for this week. Just the usual until and unless something happens to change that. Oh, I will be making the bear/doll delivery on Friday, probably.

Off to make more dolls now.
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