Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bear Sunday

The entry is coming is being written with considerable help. I picked Zoey out after a multi-day, multi-shelter kitty shopping spree. She was really the only one who snuggled up to me so she got the nod. It was only after I brought her home that I learned that black cats are right up there with old sick cats in the Last To Be Adopted shelf. Tomorrow is a big day for black cats.

The hamburger place was not a fail but not a glorious success. They let me order it rare but then over cooked it. The nice lady asked me, after I had finished, it it was rare enough and I allowed as how it wasn't and she said "Oh, I'm sorry. Next time, tell us and we'll give it more time on the grill." Er, ah that's some kind of miracle cure right there... turn an overcooked burger into a rare one with more time on the grill... The fries were spectacular and the place was nice. I will go back but I'm still on the hunt for a great burger.

I got a chopped salad to go and had half for dinner tonight. I'll have the other half for lunch tomorrow. It was pretty decent.

Otherwise, I sat on my ass in front of the TV all damn day. I watched the movie Joy which was abotu what I expected - kinda like the burger, actually - not great, not horrible. It's been on my TiVo for a while.

I got one bear finished and one bear done. I'm happy with the bear production this month. Jeannie - the adoption lady - always wants more bears.

The camera on my new phone is really outstanding but, frankly, does not to anything better with these doll/bear photos. Of course, I don't get too precious with the setup. As soon as the cat moves off the spot, I set them up and shoot. That first one is actually a very bright green with a coral sweater. And, of course, the background is exactly the same in both. Oh well.
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