Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wallowing in admiration

I track my fitness using an app called Misfit. Because millenials are in charge, the app, besides tracking, has a way for you to add 'friends'. A while back this random guy posted on Redit that he wanted Misfit friends. So I told him to add susandennis if he wanted. He did. Of the 16 friends on my Misfit list, he's the only one who sometimes - not often, but sometimes gets more points in a day than I do.

Yesterday we had a small but ohsowonderful little message exchange (I'm in green below)...

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[–]from pianoplayer44 sent

Hello susandennis!

I added you on the Misfit app and you are always beating me! (I'm MatthewJohn95 on there!). How the heck do you do it??? You're a beast, always above 1500 points! Ah! Tell me your secret!


[–]to pianoplayer44 sent

OMG this cracks me up so much!! The secret is swimming. I swim 1.3 miles every day. It does wonders for my Misfit points.

I have seen you top me here and there and it just makes me swim faster. So thank you! Probably it would be mean to tell you that I'm 67 years old , so I won't. :)

[–]from pianoplayer44 sent

Bah! That's amazing! I'm 21 and that just gives me some motivation to make sure I at the VERY LEAST hit my 1200 point goal everyday! No excuses. I literally talk about you to all my friends...I'm just so obsessed with trying to catch up! You're a wonderful motivation!

[–]to pianoplayer44 sent

Ok so now you have totally made my day. Week, actually.

Sadly for you, my goal is to make sure you never top me again!!

    I grew up before Title 9. I was taught that women should really not ever sweat. Plus, I'm naturally a lazy couch potato. I manged to avoid physical education class most of my life. In college we were required to take 2 semesters. For my two, I took bowling and golf. I am a lot of things but athletic is not even close to being one of them and I am 100 pounds overweight.

    So this little exchange is even more than delightful and is being recorded here for posterity!
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