Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mmmmm a good burger

A new burger place has just opened not terribly far from here. I originally thought it had promise but just now, I've seen twitter photos from two different people that tell me it is totally worth checking out. Open every day at 11. So. Go today for dinner or go tomorrow for lunch. The only game in the stadium is a big soccer game tomorrow but that's not til 6:30. (Although there is a rather large (a dozen cars and lots of people) tailgate party going on in the parking lot right now. Very curious.)

I kind of have a plan for dinner so I think I'll may do a late brunch tomorrow.

I mailed off my dead iPod and stopped at Grocery Outlet on the way back. I wanted some avocados but all they had were $2.00 ones. I'll happily take a chance on their $.50 but not on the $2 ones. However, I did manage to fill up my bag with other stuff so it was not a wasted trip. That often happens at Grocery Outlet.

I made a couple of dolls and then watched True Genius. Hokey hokey hokey but, I'm not killing it yet. Nice to see that Divya Katdare got a new job after Royal Pains ended and a promotion to real doctor.

The couple who moved in here this week have a toddler son. Why in the world would you move into this building with a child is beyond me. The units aren't big enough, the area has no child things - parks, schools, daycare. There are a couple of kids who live here but in all cases their parents lived here when they were born. Except for one really obnoxious kid who lives down the hall. Her grandmother owns the place and houses her and her mother. I guess housing prices in Seattle have gotten so pricey that a 'cheap' $600,000 condo in a very child unfriendly neighborhood has become suitable.

And, so ends my Get The Fuck Off My Lawn moment of the day.

Time to get back to TV watching... Here are the dolls of today:

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