Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slosh Slosh Slosh

I got to the pool today and turned on my iPod Shuffle - the one I got exactly 45 days ago - and crickets. It's a tiny brick. I assumed I had left it on and the battery ran out. Turns out that was not the case. It won't charge. It won't turn on. It won't do diddly squat. The Amazon return window has slammed shut. So I sent a Give Me My Money Back note to the vendor. No, I do not want your 1 year 1 replacement only warranty. If it's only going to last 45 days, I want my $$ back.

So... I swam sans songs. All I heard was slosh slosh slosh. At least my ears did fine without earplugs. And, actually I did fine. Having the music is way more fun but swimming without is not exactly a tragedy.

I do have a Plan B. It's an old iPod Shuffle. The only button that works on it is the power button but, hey, that's better than the new one! Probably it's time to try something else but I think I'll wait until I hear from the 45 day people.

EDIT: Before I even finished this entry, I got a nice note back from the 45 day people. They offered a replacement that will still have the one replacement year long warranty OR they said they would refund my money if that's what I wanted. I'm cool with their replacement offer and wrote and told him that and thanked him for the very fast, thoughtful response. I am not nearly as pissed now. Nice.

EDIT AGAIN: Again, before I finish the entry - ok, so I'm not very focused today - it's settled. My new friend, Ivan, is sending me a replacement out on Monday. He asks that I send the broken one back and he'll pay for postage. I get a complete new warranty - including money back on failure - with the replacement. I'm not sure what more I could even ask for. Wow. SwimAudio.Com if you are in the market for great customer service.

There's a very cute, very young girl who swims most Saturdays. The first time we shared a lane she said "My, you swim so straight!! Hi, my name is Jackie!" Yes, she's one who's every sentence ends in an explanation point. She very cute and a serious swimmer. She usually comes in about midway through my Saturday swim or towards the end. Today she came in when I had 2 laps to go. As I was getting out she said "My goal on Saturdays is now to get up and get to the pool in time to see Susan!!" I have a fan club!

Nothing going on today much. Sewing, of course. And TV watching. I think I'm going to buy a year of Acorn. It seems like everything I want to see is on Acorn. I tried the VPN tunnel to iPlayer. It worked ok for a while and then quit. Acorn's only $50 a year and I can get a month's trial to check it out so I think that's what I'm going to do.

On the other hand... I have HBO and cable TV and share a Netflix account with my brother. I don't have enough time to watch what I already have. Maybe I'll hold off til the holidays when the new stuff dries up.

Ok, now I need to finish this off and get going with my day!
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