Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This time last year began The Winter Of The Itch. In Seattle, even the winter rainy season is actually very dry. I've always been aware of a little itchy dry skin in Winter but last year it was very nearly fatal. Ok not quite but close. I spent most of October and the rest of the winter until May in excruciating itch. I spent a fortune on creams and lotions and anti-itch stuff and days and weeks in real discomfort. Finally in May when I went for my annual doctor visit he said that my skin was really dry and I should lather on CeraVe. The pharmacist suggested that I use a spatula/turner to cover my back with it and relief was instant. So fast that I was really pissed I had not asked sooner.

I've been using spray lotion on my back for a month but yesterday, it started itching in the afternoon and I immediately dragged out my CeraVe and spatula and put them in my swim bag. There will be no itching this year. None. I will not go through that again.

As expected, yesterday the house smelled amazing from the crockpot dinner ... at 3:30. Interestingly earlier in the day I had read an LJ entry (locked so no details) from a retiree listing the joys of retired life and one was 'eat whenever we want to'. So yesterday I had dinner at 4 pm. The world did not end. The dinner was, also as expected, pretty much a fail but it was warm and filling and not fatal.

This morning, while swimming, I mentally rearranged my kitchen. I'm getting a new icemaker that needs to be near the sink as does the coffee pot and that area's a little crowded so when I finish this, I'll be movin' stuff around to accommodate the newest member of the gadget family.

My new Pixel phone is delighting me way more than I expected. The smaller size is so perfect and it's just as zippy as it could possibly be. It's so responsive and I love it.

Today will be the usual sewing and maybe some baseball and other TV... just a usual, regular day - my kind of day!

The latest bear (and these colors - at least on my screen - are exactly like the actual colors... this new phone's camera is pretty amazing):

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