Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

For your eyes only

There are Susan Dennises everywhere. There's a dentist in Michigan and a photographer in Savannah and a tree hugger in Australia and a bunch more everywhere. There's a Susan Dennis in Chicago who uses my email address for everything. She signs up for newsletters. She got a new credit card last year. She buys a LOT of really not attractive dresses at Sears. I know this because all of her email receipts and responses come to me.

Today I got one from a real estate management compay that started off warning that the top secret documents she was attaching were for my (and the 8 other people on the email) eyes only. She sent out three emails and finally, I replied that she might want to double check her email addresses. She sent me an email saying she would and sorry. And then I got another For Your Eyes Only. If you live in a townhouse in Alberta, don't share secrets with your management company.

And speaking of real estate... I'm starting to get calls wanting to sell my condo. I got one yesterday and one today. I only answered the phone - both times - because I like testing out my new phone. I think I'm done now with calls from people I don't know. Plus, no thanks. I don't want to sell.

I heard from both my new and my old health insurance today and, turns out, the old doesn't stop and the new doesn't start until 12/31. That's cool.

Also there will be no more buying of inhalers or any other drugs this year. I have hit my max. S'ok, I have plenty of everything except the one inhaler and, don't tell my doctor, but I think I don't need it. Plus, I think between what I have on hand and some old (different format) I'll be fine til January.

The crockpot smells pretty good but I'm still planning to go out if necessary. Or have shredded wheat.

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