Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Phones and pesto and other stuff

My house is all squeaky clean and I washed all the dirty clothes so my closet is squeaky clean, too.

My house cleaner brought me lunch today. (She used to give me Christmas gifts - usually stuff I didn't need or want - but last year her gift was 'I will bring you a meal every time I clean.') Today was two sandwich halves on flatbread. One was beef and cheese and one was anti pasta-ish with pesto. Delish but I had the second one last and as my east Texas country grandmother used to say 'that lunch been repeatin' on me all afternoon!' Certain things, pesto being one (cilantro is another) just linger around long after they are welcome.

Just before lunch, my new phone arrived. It was love at first sight. It's just the very perfect size for my hand and the perfect weight for my pocket.

Old phone vs. new phone in my hand...

I had cleaned up my old phone yesterday. I deleted all the apps I never use. So today, transferring was a Piece O' Cake. EXCEPT I'm stupid. Twice. It walks you through the steps and says that if you want to transfer from another device, the fastest way is to plug them into each other. But are USB C. The cable is USB regular to USB C. But I need a USB receptacle to USB C. I got mini USB to USB C but not regular. So wifi transer it is.

Which was no big deal. Very very fast. It was up and running in 5 minutes and completely loaded in 15. Wild. It used to be such a PIA but now... easy peasy. But, I knew from having seen the phone everywhere that the default was to have the temperature on the home page. My phone has the date only. It bugged me. Another new feature of the phone was instant call for help so I tried it.

Turns out the only thing good about it is that it's easy and it's fast. But, it's still just a phone call and the person on the other end was not prepared for 'how do I get the temperature on the home screen'. I mean not prepared at all. She put me on hold forever and then told me several things that weren't necessary and were useless and then put me on hold and then hung up on me.

I factory reset the phone and went through the set up deal again. Still no joy.

Back to google and this tiem found the real answer which was 1. turn on location and 2. wait 5 minutes.

The case I bought for it is way to thick but I expected that. It was an elcheapo they rushed to market and I just wanted to make sure it was protected. Plus I use the cover to hold the magnet which holds the phone to the car mount. I ordered a better case today that will be here Friday.

But, mainly I really really like the phone. I had intended to not like it so much and, so, send it back. That's not happening.

The second dumb thing I did was... After I got the phone all set up, I went to put the box away and decided to pull out the charging cable and use it for my old phone in the bedroom. And, there, next to the charging cable was a little USB receptacle to USB C dongle! DOH

The baseball game is about to start and I have my brother's newsletter to edit. BUSY!

In all this excitement, I did manage to crank out one doll. More tomorrow.

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