Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wet wet wet

I drove to the pool in the wet. I swam in the wet. I sat in traffic on the way home... in the wet. But now I'm safely inside and dry. I left home early-ish in hopes of getting home early-ish. But, there was a wreck on the bridge and the rain and so I sat.

But... while I sat, I listened to Ellen Burstyn interview Gloria Steinem on the Death, Sex and Money podcast. I almost skipped it. Ellen Burstyn kind of annoys me. But, I'm so glad I did not. She does an excellent job of interviewing. Both women are in their 80's - a decade older than me and it's fascinating to hear them talk about themselves. Gloria says that when she was young she was not confident in her future and assumed she'd turn into a bag lady. (This was my greatest fear for the longest time.) Ellen said she never did. Both Gloria and I were surprised by that. I'm only about a quarter into it so I'm really looking forward to more.

My new phone is Out For Delivery!! My last FedEx Home delivery (which this is) came about lunchtime.

My house cleaner should be here any time. And boy, is she needed today. The kitchen is a mess because I fried stuff twice this week. The kitchen (where I cut out the pieces) and the sewing room are full of minky droppings. I'm looking forward to everything getting righted again. She comes every two weeks and that's just about the right amount of time between cleanings plus it makes her affordable.

I bought some new goggles this week. I'm trying to find some that are very dark lensed but still meet my requirements - no back buckle, soft eye cups, no leaking, comfortable. The new ones totally failed. They were actually dark enough and had no back buckle but they not only gouged my eyes, they leaked like a sieve. Back to Amazon and the hunt goes on. Once daylight savings ends, part of my swim gets direct sun which is really annoying and when it's bad, it hurts.

Until my new phone arrives and maybe a little after, there will be doll making and, unless it gets rained out, baseball watching. I started the new Grisham novel last night so there will be more of that.

Now that I don't have the phone arrival to worry about, it's on to my new insurance company. Their initial response was that I'd get the papers (and number) in 5-10 business days. We're now at day 8 and crickets. I need the number to get my inhaler prescription refilled but, more importantly, to ensure my gym membership does not get interrupted. Come on, Humana! get your shit together and send it to me. Please?
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