Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

An unexpected blow job

When I quit watching the news on TV, I also eliminated weather forecasting from my life. I see what is planned weather wise when I remember to look but I forget to look this time of year because I know it's not going to be too hot and I can easily handle anything else.

So, that's why I did not see today's wind coming. It's been really really blowing all day. Weird around here to have such wind without rain but the sun's been out all day so sunny wind. The tree that is blocking my view with its ugly leaves now has even uglier leaves as they are brownish and all curled up. They are falling off. Yeah. Not fast enough but at least I'm getting a little better view every day.

I was done with baseball but I gotta admit this series looks like it might be interesting so I told TiVo to record at least game 1. We'll see.

I got some nice sewing done today.

And I got the Flickr doll album caught up so that now all the dolls are in there.
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