Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trying to reset expectations...

My new phone is due to arrive tomorrow BUT the information at the FedEx tracking number makes it look like it might be stuck in their system and won't make it. This will mean customer service calls to FedEx and maybe Google and no phone tomorrow. It will certainly not be the end of the world but it will be Tres Annoying. So I'm trying to prepare myself. If I'm wrong and it gets here, GREAT. But, I think I'm not wrong.

On the up side, I got the rent check today for my storage unit. Every month I whip out my phone and try to deposit it. It went into BECU without incident until the month it didn't. Several months really and then I got tired of fucking with it so I opened a Capital One account and that was cool for a bunch of months unitl it wasn't and then BECU started working again. Today I tried Capital One and now it works! PROGRESS!

I have never heard of this condition, but I have smoker's stretch mouth. I think you could also get it from drinking from a straw. My lips no longer have the grip they used to and the skin around them - particularly at the corners of my mouth - is no longer taut enough to work correctly so I drool. Almost anyway. When I'm chewing gum, for instance which I do combat dry mouth which I get from the chemicals in the pool... (life is so not easy) Anyway, when I chew gum, I moisture escapes out the corners of my mouth and I wipe them and now the corners of my mouth are all chapped.

Old age has some not very pretty side effects. Particularly if you didn't know the sun would fuck up your skin your other habits - smoking, eating, ignoring the dentist - would really catch up to you one day. I honestly don't care but can you imagine how hard it would be for someone who does like Jane Fonda or Helen Mirren or even Meryl Streep (who is exactly my age).

Oh well.

Today is the usual... sewing. Probably only dolls today after yesterday's mess with minky. I have the shirt on now and it does feel wonderful. The no stretch factor, though, makes it not perfect.

Here's the bear I finished last night...

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