Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am not only hooked on Black Mirror, I can't quit thinking about each episode. It really is like Twilight Zone was in the olden days. I watched the third episode of the first series last night and then, of course, dreamed about it in a way that made it way more real. I'm glad/worried that I have two more seasons to watch.

My swim this morning was a mashup of thinking about that episode and thinking about my finances and having to call the credit union today. I hate having to make these calls so much mainly because they turn me into the worst me possible. Mean and snippy and condescending and impatient. I'm all those things but mostly I can swallow it all until I get on the line with a customer service rep. I'm on hold now while their recordings tell me shit that I don't want/need to hear.

First hurdle cleared. I was lovely and pleasant to the CSR and we got the first issue fixed. She has to go to her tech department for the rest so I'm on hold again but now now nearly as full of anxiety and dread.

Once I get this squared away, I need to clean up the kitchen and do some tidying around here before I get to sew. No other plans or to do's. All is really kind of under control around here right now which is nice.
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