Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of today...

I spent a giant chunk of today trying to get $5,000 to my brother by Wednesday. Seems so simple and yet... BECU was a flaming fail as their security verification didn't work and their website said the only recourse was to call them by 7 pm. Except. As it was outside "normal working hours" there was no one to talk to. Wonder how/who I would call if I discovered someone had access my account and was sucking it dry on, say, Saturday evening?

Guess I'll find out when I call them tomorrow. Capital One might have done the transfer - wire transfer - for $30 but I didn't pursue. What I finally did end up doing was sending it to me in an email via Google Wallet. Even that hit a skid with BECU. I tried that first and it said he wouldn't get it til Thursday. Fortunately, I had the money in my Capital One account so I tried using that with Gmail and Bam. Worked perfectly and instantly.

I should probably take comfort that BECU has my accounts so secure not even I can use them. GRRRRRR

I did make a doll and also made up a batch of doll faces. I need to lay in some more brown fabric but I now have a nice stash of blue and green and pink and purple and yellow.

I was sitting here watching CBS Sunday morning and wondering what I would fix for dinner when I remember PIZZA!!!! Oven now pre-heating. Sweet. And I do love Jane Pauley's Sunday Morning. It's now interesting again!

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