Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Where is my purse??

I had library books to return and one on hold to pick up. The library doesn't open til 10. I was totally done with my swim and out the gym door at 9:30. So I went to the grocery - same one I went to the other day. When I got home the other day, I realised that the cashier had not charged me for 2 of the 3 six packs of Diet Dr. Pepper. So today I bought yet another one and some other stuff and told her to please do 3 beeps on the DDP to make up for the two I stole. She laughed and thanked me and then I still had 10 minutes to kill before the library opened.

On the way home I planned brunch because I was really starving. Once I got into the garage, I started looking for my purse. No purse. Anywhere. WTF? Did I leave it at home? Nope, turns out I left it at the grocery store. Really.

They now have android pay, which I love, so I don't even know why I took it in and surely didn't open it while there. I just left it in the cart and walked out. The adorable manager told me, when I went back, that they thought for sure I'd be right back for it but just never showed up.

Clearly 1. I need to rethink my shopping habits. Maybe the purse needs to stay home. 2. I need to make sure I have a good inventory of what's in the damn thing if I do decide to take it out. But, all's good now. Whew.

I'm hoping that's it for excitement today. I need to clean up the kitchen, put away the groceries, make up the bed (Zoey was still snoozing in it when I left this morning) and probably do some sewing.

I watched my first ever episode of Night Black Mirror (sorry to anyone who read this before the fix) last night. I had never even heard of it before. Wow. There will be more of that in my future and maybe sooner than later!
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