Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tech-e-ness Kinda

I use a Pixel Chromebook for my everyday internetting. I love it. The screen is brilliant, the keyboard and trackpad are excellent. It's zippy and peppy. It has excellent battery life (but mostly I keep it plugged in). A few weeks ago, it got into a fight with BECU and BECU just said 'ok, no access to my site'. Then yesterday it got into a fight with Netflix. Enough.

Last night I decided to powerwash it - this is chromebook speak for return to factory settings. In the chromebook's case, it's an operation that takes about 90 seconds from beginning to end - including re-set up. I need to remember to do it more often. I'm all internet perky this morning!

And... my new phone has shipped! I meant to pay for expedited shipping and forgot so it won't be here til Wednesday. But, honestly, the anticipation has it's own delights so I'm cool. At least I know it's coming. My current phone was updated last night and now hitting the power button twice starts the camera which is WONDERFULLY handy.

Someone is moving out of this building today. I have no intention of ever moving again but if I did, I would hire these guys. They are hauling ass like theirs is on fire. I noticed it when I came in from the pool but now I'm watching them on Front Door TV Network and I mean they are not wasting one second. Kind of fun to watch the hustle.

I was the only one in the pool for my entire swim today. No one was even in the spa. It was kind of weird. But nice.

I just saw the news that Microsoft stock is now back to what it was in 1999. I left Microsoft in 1999. It took them a long time to get over that, I guess. Glad to know they are moving forward.

Nothing big on the agenda. Pretty caught up on everything that needs my attention. I've even already voted. So today I will do whatever happens. I just killed 45 minutes on I have $60 in credit but I couldn't find anything that really hit me.
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