Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The hamburger's song

Today, about noonish, I heard the wild call of McDonald's and it was saying Cheeeeesssssburger. So I got in the car and went and got one. With fries, of course. It was good but I think I'm good now for several months.

I got a lot of good sewing done and then the mail arrived with my ballot. So I finished up my research on all the non people stuff and on the minor local offices and filled out my ballot. It's all ready for the mail tomorrow.

I was going to watch a movie but then I fell down the internet rabbit hole.

A robotics class from a local high school somehow connected with my brother and got to pilfer through all of his discarded hardware. They had a ball.

My brother owns a small computer repair/small business IT support shop about an hour north of Austin, Texas. They end up with a lot of scrap computers which they pile up out in the yard until the pile gets big then they call the recycler who comes and hauls it all away. But, today, instead, they called this high school class and boy did those kids have a wonderful time. PLUS, now my brother does not have to pay some dude to haul it all away!

There are two cameras, with sound, in the back of his shop where his techs work, one in the store where the customers are and one pointing out to the driveway. So I can watch and hear all the action every day. It's fun for me. Especially today watching those kids.

All the laundry is done and folded and put away. Chilli for dinner. All is good.

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