Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tis the Season

It does seem like the people bitching about retail Christmas starting too early are starting earlier this year.

Ha! I like stuff. I appreciate people who sell stuff. I'm no a big fan of holidays. They all seem to carry the same amount of inconvenience for me. But, they all have nice little end dates and each have their own perks. Right now I'm enjoying fresh candy corn, for instance. Christmas/New Years means there will be bargain prices on stuff I like. Fine by me and they can start doing that any time they want. The inyourface decorations and loveeverybodygivenow themes are, for me, small price to pay.

And speaking of stuff, I have three major purchases on their way soon-ish. They are all paid for and now it's just waiting...

One is chipped (nugget) ice maker. This was supposed to be delivered in July. The latest says it's coming before November. I'm hoping to see it before Christmas. Indiegogo.

One is my new Pebble Watch. This was supposed to be delivered in September. Now it looks more like November. But, I'm pretty sure it will be November.

And then there's my new Pixel Phone. This one isn't exactly paid for but the money is set aside and ready. It will likely be here towards the end of next week. But I'm hoping it's sooner. The first hands on reviews landed today and I really really want mine now!

On my way home from the pool today, outside the sports restaurant on the corner they had about 150 hanging baskets all set out and ready for hanging. Last week all along the neighborhood the summer baskets were on the curb with big yellow signs say FREE. They were snapped up quickly. Today, apparently, the winter baskets go up. Such a nice neighborhood thing.
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