Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Insurance, Check

What a PIA that turned out to be. But, out of a dozen options only one met all my criteria so it turned out to be not a difficult choice. Humana.

Their fitness option is Silver Sneakers instead of my current Silver and Fit so this means that once again, I will have to rejoin the gym. This will make 4 times in 18 months. I am sure I hold the record at least for this location. But for a free membership, I shall not quibble. Plus, yet another chance to get a better ID photo.

Humana will also, finally, give me online access to my insurance records. My current 1970's era insurance does not even provide an email address for simple feedback. Oh and Humana gave me a paperless option. I single handedly killed whole forests with this last insurance company.

None of them, apparently, provide drug purchase history online which is 1. curious and 2. annoying as heck. The drug info is the one bit that is critical and most needed. I still have one inhaler I can get before 12/31 for $30 under medicare rules. Any more than that will cost me $300-400 each before January. I have a bit of an inhaler stash, so I can easily get by on one til January. I do need to wait until the new insurance ID comes through, though. 10 days. Again, no biggie.
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